• Introduction
  • Ansible and ACI
  • Dev/Ops
  • Cisco ACI API
  • Python Basics
  • ReST w/ Python Requests
  • Javascript
  • Web Application
  • Finished
  • References

Many people ask why would we develop an application function in JavaScript instead of Python. The reality is that in this modern era of applications that people use, the Web Application has become kind of the defacto standard. With so many frameworks available today ( Like React, Vue, Angular ), the modern developer has been migrating more and more to a method of development that the web browser not only delivers HTML pages but also works as a dynamic page that completes tasks for the operation of the application.

If you look at the diagram on the right, you will see an application that consists of two layers. The layer that acts purely as the HTML engine to display a web page and then the backend that talks to ACI via a language like Python.

Yet if you would code the application in a language like JavaScript then you find yourself with the ability to completely bypass the need of that middle engine to talk to ACI and what is left is just the client JavaScript code talking directly to the ACI fabric API.

When you take into consideration that the actual APIC ACI GUI is written in JavaScript also, you can see the benefits. The only problem with the direct to ACI JavaScript model is when you wish to keep a state in your code.